ASC Water Tanks carry a complete range of domestic pumps suitable for all households and under all conditions. For residential living, our household pumps come with a mains water changeover device. This device is called many similar terms by different manufacturers, such a main rains unit, rainsaver or rain saver device, rainbank, rainbird or simply an automatic switch over device. However, all of these serve the same purpose of switching the household’s mains water line when the tank water runs low, or if there is a power failure. Pumps that come with this switch over unit include the famous Bianco Inox60PC-RS3e, as well as the Zenox ZHR-800 water pump. We have solutions from granny flats, single storey dwellings to double storey or multi storey homes.

For our rural customers, we have domestic water supply pumps that can feed the entire home. From small farm houses to large rural properties, we can tailor a water pump package to suit your needs. Our Hyjet and DAB range of pumps also have options for energy saving, using the optional pressure tanks, which also increase pump life by limiting the duty cycle of the pumps. Not sure what you need? Give us a call on 1300 229 606 and let us help you choose the right water pump for the right job.

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