Oakmont PW09 Artificial Plant Wall Pink Fairy Lily


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Plant Walls Statistics

 Low maintenance greenery to give your project a natural feel

100x100cm panels

 Suitable for indoor and outdoor settings

 Child and pet friendly

 UV Treated

 No watering required/Weather Resistant

 Easy interlocking system, no tradesman or landscapers required (DIY)

 Nail, screw or staple to any surface (alternate methods available)

 Pesticide free


Suggestions of areas to be used:

 Fencing

 Garden walls

 Alfresco areas

 Restaurants

 Bars

 Shopping centres

 Children’s Playgrounds

 Indoor/outdoor feature walls

 Schools



Why Oakmont Plant Walls?

Oakmont Artificial Plant Walls provide an easy way to turn any dull area into

an energetic and lively environment both indoors and outdoors, commercial or

at home, at an affordable price with a high level of quality!


Why switch to artificial

With everyone’s busy Lifestyle and

Australia’s diverse weather, Artificial Plants have become a trend for its low

maintenance yet vibrant and exciting look. Artificial plant walls provide

the best of both worlds, they are a very versatile product that will withstand

the daily abuse of Australia’s inconsistent climate. The low maintenance plant

walls have a long life expectancy, with reduced maintenance; this saves time and

money in the long term in comparison to standard plants.


What are the advantages of fake plants compared to real plants?

This adaptable product is not locked into a specific location, the plant walls can

be taken down and reapplied in different settings. They can even be used as a

portable back drop for events (not self-standing; must be mounted to a

backing). Alongside a more functional use, they are also less prone to

additional costs that a real life plant would encounter (such as water, soil,

time/cost on maintenance etc). These plant walls they still provide an aesthetically

pleasing lively scenery, that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor application.

All the same benefits with less hassle, what’s not to love!


How are they maintained?

The plant walls are very easy to maintain. If your plant walls are outdoors,

simply hose them down with water, and let them dry, and they will be as good

as new. If they are indoors, get a damp cloth and wipe down the dust to revive

the greenery.


Will the plant walls fade?

Our quality plant walls have been UV rated; we are so sure that it won’t fade

that we offer a five-year guarantee on fading. It is suggested not to put direct

sunlight; they will stay stronger for longer, and not fade or become brittle.


How can I tell the quality?

At ASC Water Tanks we seek to provide not the cheapest possible product but a

balance between affordable prices and high quality products. The plant walls

we sell are of a high grade quality, this is evident through the high density to

ensure minimal gaps, our products are less susceptible to shedding leaves

and fading. Our range of artificial plant walls are a vibrant, robust green with

hints/elements of colour. The High density product minimises visible

breakages/gaps exposing the backing surface, commonly found on lower grade

quality products. Our products have been displayed at the Australian Open.

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