Water Pumps Melbourne

ASC Water Tanks is Victoria’s largest distributor of water pumps from high flow borehole pumps to small water feature pond pumps. We deliver to your address Australia wide and we carry all the big brands including DAB, Bianco and Hyjet. We have a water pump to fit your requirements whatever industry you are in or application you have at hand.

We currently supply water pumps, water tanks and associated accessories and products to State Emergency Services, a number of Victorian shires and councils, commercial farms, the mining  industry, chemical manufacturers, fisheries industries, the construction and building industry, waste water treatment plants even aquatic fun parks. We stock an amazingly broad range of water-pumps for an infinite number of applications but pumps essentially fall into six major categories.

  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Multistage Centrifugal Pumps (Horiztonal Mutlistage Pumps & Vertical Multistage  Pumps)
  • Jet and Jet Venturi Pumps
  • Peripheral Turbine Pumps
  • Submerged Pumps(Borehole pumps or bore pumps)
  • Submersible Pumps (drainage pumps and submersible supply pumps)

Centrifugal Pumpsdab-k20-41m-ebay

Centrifugal Pumps are normally single impeller type pumps and are widely used in water transfer. As a general rule they deliver a large amount of water at a relatively low pressure. A centrifugal pump is of very simple design. The only moving part is an impeller attached to a shaft that is driven by the motor.

Multistage Centrifugal Pumps cnp-cdlf16

This pump configuration utilises several impellers and diffuser assemblies (stacks) to increase the pressure the pump is able to develop. The Multistage Centrifugal format is commonly used in borehole submersible pumps.

Jet Pumps                    DAB_Jet_200m

Jet pumps are centrifugal pumps that have a jet and venturi fitted to improve the performance of the pump. The jet can be fitted close to the impeller as in a shallow well pump or it can be fitted as an offset jet to greatly increase the suction characteristics of the pump.

Peripheral Turbine Pumps     kpf30

Peripheral Turbine pumps are used to generate high heads with very low flow rates and are commonly used in industry.

Submerged (Borehole) Pumps    s4a12t

Submerged (Submersible Borehole) pumps are multistage type pumps that are installed totally immersed in water. Generally they have multiple stages and generate very high heads.

Submersible (Drainage) Pumps        dab-bvp750ma-ebay

Submersible (Drainage) pumps are used to deliver large amounts of water at low pressure and they are capable of pumping liquids with suspended solids and other foreign materials. Submersible pumps are also known as stormwater pumps, drainage pumps, dewatering pumps, sewage pumps, septic pumps and are commonly used across building services, commercial, domestic, municipal, rural, industrial and rainwater re-use applications.


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