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Water Audit for your Home


How to do a water usage audit for your home Water is an essential resource needed for a range of functions around the home. Every day we wash, water, rinse, clean, and drink… it’s easy to take water for granted! Have you ever considered how much water your household might be wasting? The average Australian … Continue readings

How To Select The Right Water Tank


How To Select The Right Water Tank Did you know that Australians are the biggest per capita consumers of water in the world? Yet we’re living in a dry country where the yearly rainfall is way below the global average. So it makes sense to collect our rainwater as much as we can. Particularly as … Continue readings

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Adelaide Speaks on Rainwater Harvesting


ADELAIDE SPEAKS ON RAINWATER HARVESTING Adelaide residents have overwhelmingly supported compulsory rainwater tanks on new developments. ABC Adelaide ran a Facebook survey on 14 June 2019 and received a massive and emphatic response.  92% of respondents supported compulsory rainwater tanks on new developments. In less than 24 hours, a couple of hours before polling closed, … Continue readings

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Rainwater retention and detention


ASC Water Tanks – Article – 5. May 2019 – Rainwater retention and detention Using a stormwater detention system on your property With Australia’s ever-increasing urban population, it’s never been more important for all residential and commercial developments to effectively manage rainwater. Most local councils require stormwater detention systems in all developments throughout many of … Continue readings

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Water Tanks: The Solution to the Cane Toad vs Dung Beetle Saga? An Article by Chris Glenn  – Managing Director at Bushmans Group Pty First there’s the good guy – the African dung beetle – which merrily goes about its business of rolling dung. Then there’s the bad guy – the predatory South American cane toad … Continue readings

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Why every home needs a water tank in Australia. Australia is one of the world’s driest populated continents. Yet we consume water at one of the highest rates on the planet. We love our lawns, we love our showers, and we love our gardens… but as water is such a scarce resource, it’s important we … Continue readings

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