3,150LT – 8,400LT

3,150LT – 8,400LT

If you want to get a large amount of water in the smallest area, then these slimline water tanks are your best option. In a single piece slimline rain water tank, we have a S-Line 5000LT slimline water tank. And if you want to go modular, well the sky is the limit, as we add more and more rain water tanks to the system. If you want to claim the maximum rebate, you will need a 4000 LT slimline rain water tank. Check with your local council to see what you are eligible for. We stock manufactures such as S-Line, Urban Poly, All Weather and Yarrawonga, to give you the largest range of large slimline rain water tanks in Australia. If one of our “one size fits all” solutions don’t suit you, then let us know and we’ll make a tank for you from Bluescope Aquaplate Colorbond steel. You won’t find a larger range and better prices and service than ASC water taanks. Feel free to give us a call on 1300 229 606, or pop us an email at sales@asctanks.com.au.

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