Bianco BIA-FC300T Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump 415V



Bianco BIA-FC300T Cast Iron Small Centrifugal Pump 415V

The pumps are horizontal single stage* cast iron centrifugal pumps supplied ready to install. Used especially for water transfer. (*FCT is twin stage)

Motor / power: 3000W
Volt:  415V
Horsepower: 4.0hp
Head: 38m
Max Flow Rate: 450lt/min
Inlet: 2″ BSPF
Outlet: 2″ BSPF
Warranty on pump: 2 Year

The pumps are characterised by

  • Corrosion resistant cast iron pump body and bracket cover with cataphoresis1 treatment, and 304 stainless steel impeller and shaft.
  • Mechanical shaft seal.
  • TEFC motors.
  • Motor support foot


  • Suitable for industrial wash down, water transfer and tank filling. Suitable for fire fighting, HVAC, circulation and pressure boosting

(Cataphoresis is an electrochemical coating process for metallic surfaces widely used in the industry due to its penetration and long life, either as a priming coat or finished paint for corrosion resistance)


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