Bianco BIA-iCON3750PNO Packaged Pump Lifting Stations – No Plumbing


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Bianco BIA-iCON3750PNO Packaged Pump Lifting Stations – No Plumbing  

Introducing the Bianco iCON range of Packaged Pump Stations. The iCON Packaged Pump Station is suitable for installation in various Domestic and Industrial Applications. Packaged Pump Stations are generally used in areas where gravity drainage to waste water services are not available. The iCON pump station is designed to withstand ground and water pressure when installed correctly and according to the installation instructions. It has smooth internal walls and an optimum collection area to aid in the removal of waste water and prevents smells and septicity.

Bianco iCON Series Pump Stations conform to Product Standard – AS/NZS 1546.1:2008 with certification available upon request.Other approvals have also been obtained in certain states which are also available upon request.

The Bianco iCON pump station is moulded in polyethylene. Installations with either single or dual pumps systems for Storm Water, Drainage or Sewage applications are possible. Plumbing options include free standing or guide rail installations depending on site requirements. The iCON Packaged Pump Station is supplied as standard with a Polyethylene Lid with the option of class B or class D lids available, depending on the size of the tank.

Automated control of the system is possible through level input signals normally provided by means of float switches connected to a pump control panel  and set at the required levels inside the tank. Options other than float switches are available upon request. Isolation valves and non-return valves are usually included in our packed pump stations but should be specified at the time of the quotation. Please note that pressure controllers and float devices are extra add on’s and are not included in the Package Pump Stations.

Model No BIA-ICON3750 Depth 1880mm (excluding lid) Width 1788mm Length 2280mm Access cover 600mm Approximate weight 160kg (excluding plumbing and pump

Available in
BIA-ICON3750 Tank only
BIA-ICON3750 Tank with single free standing plumbing
BIA-ICON3750 Tank with single plumbing and guide rails
BIA-ICON3750 Tank with dual free standing plumbing

Tanks are supplied as standard with polyethylene lids and are available with lid options as follows:
> Class B > Class D > Storm Water grate


Additional information

Lid Type

PE Lid, Class B Lid, Class D Lid, Class B Grate Lid


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