Bianco BIA-JH8003S2 replaced by Bianco B42AC High Head Pump


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Bianco BIA-B42A High Head Submersible Pump  

Submersible high head pump designed for AWTS and rainwater tanks. Fitted with noryl impellers and stainless steel strainer. AS/NZS4020 Approved for drinking water, 5 star energy rating, 550 watts.


  • Glass Filled Nylon pump body and Stainless Steel cover for strength and lightness.
  • Easy grip, nylon carry handle.
  • Dual mechanical seals (Carbon ceramic on pump side / silicon carbide in oil bath on motor side).
  • 3 Stage High Head pump with durable Noryl impellers.
  • Elevated (83mm) suction intake with Algae-Proof slotted strainer.
  • 10m Power lead and automatic Float Switch. All cables to H07RNF standard.
  • 240V Single Phase , 0.55kW 5 Star efficient motor. Built in auto-resetting thermal overloads
  • Slotted strainer
  • built in 83mm pump riser


  • Strainer design improves water flow and prevents blockage from algae growth.
  • Elevated intake draws oxygenated water from higher in tank and avoids sludge layer.
  • Leads to improved water quality with lower algae and anaerobic mater for better smelling water and cleaner clothes washing.
  • Quality pump materials assist with longer pump life while still being light to lift and lower.
  • High Head pump with low energy usage
  • Applications
  • Domestic pressure systems (with optional Press Control)
  • Pumping Clean and pre-treated water.
  • AWTS – Automated Water Treatment Systems pump out to dripper beds.
  • De-watering of cellars, basements and garages.

Electrical data:

Rated voltage: 240V
Mains frequency: 50 Hz
Rated output: 550W
Horse Power: 0.75
Max Head: 32m
Flow Rate: 105L/m
Current: 4.0 amps
Capacitor: 20 uF
Motor duty: Continuous
Motor type: Asynchronous
Motor protection: In-built thermal overload
Ingress protection: IP 68
Insulation class: F
Power cable length: 10 m H07RNF
Net weight: 12 kg
Dimensions: 171Lx162Wx461H (mm)

2 Year Bianco Pumpz Warranty


Additional information

Product Type

Submersible Drainage Pump


Bianco Pumpz

Suitable For

Clean Water


3.0 Bar


4 Amps

Flow Range Category

a. 0 – 99 LT/min

Flow Rate (LT/min)

83 LT/min


Float Included


1.1 Hp

Kilo Watts

0.8 kW

Head Range Category

a. 0 – 39 m

Head (max)

30 m

Port Size Outlet

1¼" BSPM Outlet




8 Taps




12 months

Pack Weight

8 KG


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