DAB MK5 JETCOM82MPC2 Mains Switch Pump

DAB MK5 JETCOM82MPC2 Mains Switch Pump


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DAB MK5-JETCOM82MPC2 Self Priming Technopolymer AS/NZS4020 Approved Jet Pump

Self priming technopolymer and cast iron jet pump. DAB jet pumps are renowned for their unique self priming and extraordinary deep suction capability: up to 9 metres at sea level. Available in Cast Iron and stainless steel, they are designed to handle abrasive and corrosive water which makes them ideally suited for spear point applications. 2 year pump parts & labour warranty.

Note: JETCOM pumps are fitted with “plug and play” leads and are AS/NZS4020 approved for drinking water.

Motor / power: 600W
Volt:  240V
Presssure: 460kPa
Head: 46m
Max Flow Rate: 60lt/min
Warranty on pump: 2 Year
Body: Cast Iron & Technopolymer

Bianco Rainsaver MK5 Mains Switchover

The Rainsaver MK5 replaces all changeover devices switches your system between tank water and town/mains water supply. The system is switched hydraulically, thus requiring no power, and is the least likely system to fail. It also requires the least amount of installation time, saving you time and money. The Bianco Rainsaver MK5 delimits your mains water supply to 200kPa. As long as the pump can supply water greater than 200kPa, which our selected pumps do, it will output tank water. When the water in the tank is insufficient to supply the system, mains water supply is delivered to the home at 200kPa.

There is a pressure drop during the time the system is using mains water supply. The max mains pressure you will get is 200kPa to those taps to which the system is connected. This is normally just the toilets and a couple of outdoor taps. Once the water level in the tanks increases, the system will automatically return to tank supply at full power once again.

As a guide, in Melbourne and Sydney, mains water at the home is between 380 and 600kPa.


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