GWS FLE-C310V 310LT Pressure Tank

GWS FLE-C310V 310LT Pressure Tank


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GWS FLE-C310V 310L Challenger Series

It is recommended to use a pressure tank especially when a pump is connected to a toilet cistern. After a toilet is flushed it fills slowly and can cause a pump to cycle (switch on and off) until the cistern is full. Installation of a pressure tank will assist in eliminating this cycling.

Pressure Tanks are recommended to be installed in-line with pumps as they are:

  • An energy saving device
  • Eliminates the pump starting each time a tap is turned on
  • Extends the life of your pump
  • Reduces noise
  • Protects against heat expansion
  • Stops water wastage from hot water heaters
  • Stores energy

Draw Off 

This means that when a tap is turned on, the water in the pressure tank is used first prior to the pump being turned on. Once this (Draw Off) water is used, the pump will start. When the tap is turned off, the pump will continue to run to fill the pressure cell tank before the pump turns off.

Efficient and cost-effective. Patented controlled action double diaphragm assembly. Threaded nut easy installation of pump stand. Welded malleable elbow, adjustable air charge. Appliance quality paint finish over epoxy primer coat, durability and high luster. Suitable for drinking water, longer life, bacteria resistant. Condensation reducing design reduces corrosion, increases life. Diaphragm’s positive lock internal clench ring cannot slip does not rely on the tank wall. Stainless steel port diffuser, directs water flow upward and outward while locking the lower diaphragm into place.



Stainless steel water connection corrosion resistant. Controlled action diaphragm. Brass air stem with sealing cap eliminates air leaks, longer life, no regular air checks required. Appliance quality paint finish looks better. Food grade FDA approved High-Grade Butyl membrane. Suitable for drinking water, bacteria resistant. Condensation reducing design reduces corrosion.

Pressure Wave diaphragm pressure tanks are ideally suited for a wide range of general application including pump booster systems, thermal expansion, irrigation systems and to minimise water hammer. Special Features . Single diaphragm design 100% potable quality butyl . Patented 316 stainless steel connection . Virgin polypropylene liner, so no water touches plain steel . Internal clench ring becomes more secure at higher pressures . Appliance quality two part polyurethane, epoxy primed paint finish- almond . Brass stemmed air valve and o-ring sealed valve cap . NSF standard 61, CE/PED, WRAS approvals . Pre-Charged air side 28 PSI/ 1.9 Bar . Maximum temperature up to 90 °C . Standard maximum pressure 150 PSI/ 10 Bar . Models available up to 235 PSI/ 16 Bar . 5 year replacement warranty


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310 Litres

Draw Off



10 Bar

Fitting Size

25mm / 1", 32mm / 1..25"


5 Years


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