Pentair U6KS Submersible Vortex Drainage Pump 230V

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Pentair U6KS Single Phase High Performance Submersible Drainage Pump 230V


U6KS model is suitable for lift wells, garden fountains, greenhouses, basements, pump wells and reservoirs. It’s unique silicon carbide mechanical seal make it suitable not only for conveying drainage and waste water but also for liquid fertiliser. The U6KS also includes an integrated motor contact switch which turns the pump off if it overheats. Operational safety and a long service life are prime features of this pump. Drainage of non-contaminated water and mildly contaminated (faecal free) waste and ground water including silage liquor and liquid manure, rainwater and domestic waste water such as from washing machines and dishwashers.

Safe to run dry.

SiC mechanical seal

Variable discharge branch

Continuous operation.
Low level pumping.
Flushing device.
Moisture sealed cable inlet.
Built in level control.

10/20mm free passage (20mm free passage when removable strainer has been detached).

Max. head – 9m.
Max. flow – 250lpm.

Warranty: 2 Years


335H x 210W x 295D

Discharge Branch: 1 1/4 BSP (male)

Free Passage: 10/20mm

Cable Quality: H07RN-F

Cable Length: 10m

Pump Weight: 6Kg

Continuous Operating Temp Range: 0° – 35°

Intermittent Temp Max.: 60°



Vertical, single-stage, submersible, foot strainer with 10/20mm free passage – detachable for activating low level pumping. Spiral casing with 1¼“ BSP (male)
radial pressure branch and integrated swing-type check valve, spiral casing with flushing device for drain cleaning, EIP technology hydraulics with open 5-blade impeller.

Common shaft for pump and motor,
mounted in ball bearings and permanently grease lubricated.
A shaft seal, which is completely secure
against running dry thanks to a three-fold
radial shaft seal ring and intermediate oil

Submersible motor, type of enclosure IP
68, insulation class B, motor thermostat
for emergency switch-off on overheating
with automatic switch-on after sufficient
cooling, switched on via plug or automatic switching, moisture sealed cable
inlet for protecting the pump in the event
of damage to the cable, continuous
operation when not submerged on
account of its motor jacket cooling.
Motor housing, shaft and screws in
stainless steel, volute casing, impeller
and control head in plastic (GRP), rubber
insulated sewage resistant flexible cable.
Install pump vertically (hose connection
possible); if installed permanently,
provide detachable connection, e.g. the
uncomplicated and easy to maintain
guide rail system GR 32.
Scope of supply
Pump ready for connection acc. to EN
12050 with 90°, 1¼“ female connection
elbow, cable and safety plug, S model
with automatic level float switch.
The pump is delivered fitted with a
strainer base which can be swapped for
any of the accompanying pedestols in
cases where a 20 mm clear passage is


Drainage pump for the disposal of faecal
free waste water, including rainwater and
lightly polluted water containing particles
up to 10mm. Install pump vertically (hose
connection possible).
pH range: >4.5 – <12.



Type of current: 1 Phase

Voltage: 230

Frequency (Hz): 50

Motor Rating (kW): 0.75

RPM min: 2645

Current Ampere: 3.3

Motor Protection: Auto

Insulation Class:B

IP Rating: 68

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