Pentair US102ES Submersible Drainage Pump 230V

Pentair US102ES Submersible Drainage Pump 230V

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Pentair US102ES Single Phase Submersible Drainage Pump 230V

The submersible drainage pumps of the US range provide a reliable solution for all types of faecal-free waste water. These pumps use high-performance motors, hydraulics which are specially adapted to the pumping medium and high-quality materials. The US62 & US102 pumps offer a free passage of 10 mm particle size to convey waste water from dishwashers or washing machines and Standard features of the dry running safe pumps are a controllable oil chamber, a wear resistant silicon carbide mechanical seal and a permanently lubricated roller bearing to ensure a long service life.

Safe to run dry
Free standing
10 mm free passage
Controllable oil chamber
SiC mechanical seal independent
of rotation direction
Replaceable moisture sealed
cable inlet
Guide rail systems available.

Flow: 28lpm

Head: 12.5m

Dimensions (mm): 410H x 225W x 325D

Weight: 14.5Kg

Warranty: 2 Years

– Domestic waste water (without faecal matter)
– Rainwater
– Drainage
– Contaminated water
– With 10mm course solids

Single stage submersible, open centrifugal impeller, with 10mm free passage. US 62 & US 102 volute casing with 1½“ discharge branch (female thread)
Pump casing: Cast iron
Impeller: Glass reinforced plastic
Wear plate: Glass reinforced plastic
Motor shaft: 304SS
Mechanical seal: Silicon carbide
IP Rating: IP68


Type of current: single phase

Voltage: 230

Motor rating kW: 1.37

RPM min-1: 2700

Current Ampere: 6.0

Motor protection: integrated

Discharge branch: 1 1/2″

Free Passage: 10mm

Cable quality H07RN-F: 3G1.0

Cable length: 10m


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