Pondmate PM12000WF Waterfall Pump

Pondmate PM12000WF Waterfall Pump


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Pondmate PM12000WF Waterfall Pump

Flow Rate: 200LT/min
Power: 160W
Voltage: 240v
Outlet: 45mm
Max Head: 4.5m
Cable Length: 10m
Pre-Filter: Yes
Flow Control: Yes
Suitable for above ground install: Yes


Powerful asynchronous water pumps designed to move more water, more efficiently. With strong flow and pumping capacity the patented WF Series are ideal for large waterfalls, general water circulation and operation of filtration systems.


• Large prefilter cover results in longer operating life
• Easy to carry handle
• Vertical or horizontal positioning
• Excellent filtration capability
• Strong pump capacity
• Comes with 10m cable
• Suitable for salt water applications
• Each unit individually wet-tested to guarantee reliable


• Vortex impeller rotating in one direction for energy efficiency
• Anti-corrosive and wear-resistant ceramic shaft ensures long life
• More powerful and energy-efficient magnetic rotor
• In-built thermostat and fully sealed motor for working reliability and safety
• Encapsulated and epoxy resin motor ensures safety, reliability and durability 

Not approved for drinking water.

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