Pondmate PM6000DWP Dirty Water Pump Replaced by Reefe RP6000


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Pondmate PM6000DWP Dirty Water Pump now replaced by Reefe RP6000

Please see http://www.asctanks.com.au/product/reefe-rp6000-circulation-pump/

Reefe RP6000 Circulation  Pump

Flow Rate: 100LT/min
Power: 1500W
Voltage: 240v
Outlet:  1″ BSP
Max Head: 5m
Cable Length: 10m
Pre-Filter: Yes 
Flow Control: Yes
Suitable for above ground install: No

Reefe Filter and waterfall pumps are a patented design that will deliver the high performance needed for non-pressurised filter systems and spectacular waterfalls. With vortex impellor design ( on 10000,18000 and 28000) and prefilter cage , these pumps will comfortably handle soft solids for filtration . They also feature water resistant ceramic bearings and asynchronous motors. Inline/drymounting is possible, with flood suction . Various threaded fittings included for easy installations. Very easy cage removal for cleaning , fully submersible IP68 and long lasting HO5RN-F cables. Due to the high head performance these pumps are not recommended for pressure filters, see tornado pumps . Not suitable for saltwater.

Our range of pond pumps and accessories have been carefully selected to offer an enhanced outdoor living experience. We carry products to suit pond, bio-filtration and water garden lighting applications. No matter the situation, we have the perfect product to cater to your needs. Our pond pumps are quiet and reliable as well as great value for money. All of our pond pumps carry our 2 year ‘no fuss’ warranty to allow for home owners peace of mind.

Suitable for:

• Water features, Statues
• Garden Ponds
• Indoor Fountains
• Waterfalls
• Filtration


• Quiet, Continuous Operation
• Soft Solids Handling
• Dry mount with flooded suction / Thermal Overload Protection


Not approved for drinking water.


Flow Rate: 100LT/min
Power: 150W
Voltage: 240v
Outlet: 32mm
Max Head: 5m
Cable Length: 10m
Pre-Filter: Yes
Flow Control: Yes
Suitable for above ground install: Yes


Powerful asynchronous water pumps designed to move more water, more efficiently. With strong flow and pumping capacity the patented DWP Series are ideal for large waterfalls, general water circulation and operation of filtration systems.


Durable construction
• Patented design
• Unique design for multi-way installation and free positioning
• Optional in-line use
• Comes with 10m cable
• Suitable for salt water applications
• Each unit individually wet-tested to guarantee reliable operation


• Vortex impeller rotating in one direction for energy efficiency
• Anti-corrosive and wear-resistant ceramic shaft ensures long life
• More powerful and energy-efficient magnetic rotor
• In-built thermostat and fully sealed motor for working reliability and safety
• Encapsulated and epoxy resin motor ensures safety, reliability and durability 

Not approved for drinking water.

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