Puretec MPBR1002 Bag Filter Replacement

Puretec MPBR1002 Bag Filter Replacement



Puretec MPB Series Bag Filter Housing
The Puretec MaxiPlus™ bag filter housing assembly is commonly used in high sediment, chemical and process applications where longer service life is required. Durable and lightweight polypropylene construction is used giving a compact assembly. The Puretec MPB Series is capable of flow rates of up to 190 litres per minute, 38°C temperature, and a maximum pressure of
620 kPa. Available in 1½” connection size. The Bag filters come to suit in 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 ,100 and 200 micron grades. Duplex systems, manifolded together are recommended for higher and/or uninterrupted flows. Custom design manifolds can be designed and supplied.

Size (inches): 20″
Description: 100 micron rating
Flow Rate (Lpm): 170 Lpm

High capacity housings for flow rates up to 190 litres per minute
• Suitable for high flow applications
• Robust design for longevity and reliability
• Tough polypropylene construction
• Compact and economical, ideal for duplex systems
• Connection size 1½”

Standard Inclusions
• 1x High Quality PP filter housing with drain port and ball valve
• 1x Polypropylene filter basket
• 1x pressure gauge
• 1x mounting bracket
• 1x spanner wrench

• Housing: Polypropylene
• Cap: Polypropylene
• Gauge: Bismuth Brass (lead free)
• Vent Plug: Polypropylene
• Drain Plug: High Density Polypropylene
• Ball Valve: PVC/Buna-N Seals
• Basket: Polypropylene
• O-Ring and Gaskets: Buna-N
• Maximum Temperature: 38°C

• Desalination Prefiltration
• Waste water treatment
• Reverse Osmosis prefiltration
• Electronics chemical process
• Fine chemical process
Before use, please refer to published reference materials for chemical.

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