Supply & Installation

Supply & Installation


    See below for detailed information on Installation Guidelines


Installation Guide

  • Water Tank & Water Pump to be supplied by ASC Water Tanks
  • Connection from a single downpipe and run 90mm Stormwater pipe to the tank inlet up to three meters away.
  • Position tank on existing concrete or crushed rock base
  • Fit tank overflow pipe back to downpipe outlet
  • Pump suction line to be 25mm flexible reinforced poly pipe with ball valve (Pump Kit*)
  • Pump discharge to a single tap up to 1.5 meters away, pipe work to be 1″ poly pipe
  • Delivery Zone must be covered under Melbourne Metro. Installations outside this zone will incur a small fee (POA).

Maximum tank is 5000LT slimline or round. For larger tanks, please contact us.

* If choosing to go with an ASC Supply & Installation, you are required to select “Pump Kit” under options. We also highly recommend the pump cover.

Optional extras:

  • Connect second downpipe up to 3 metres away $135.00 inc GST
  • Second outlet tap up to 20 metres away clear open ground, pipework to be ¾” copper above ground and 25mm PN12.5 poly pipe underground to the tap $330.00 inc GST
  • Crushed rock base that would be boxed up onsite and consolidated with vibrating plate $380
  • Concrete base boxed up with REO mesh for up to 0.5 cubic meters of concrete $600
  • Install Tank Level Gauge $20
  • Install First Flush Diverter $60
  • Install Leaf Eater $60

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