Water Tank Installation

Water Tank Installation

ASC Water Tank has teamed up with the CRK Plumbing in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. We now offer a complete range of options for water tank installations and maintenance of your rainwater tanks. Our plumber, Tolli has over 26 years of experience in the industry, and been installing water tanks for the past 15 years. We take great care when we partner with other companies to make sure they carry the same principles and quality as we do. You can expect the same level of service, quality and workmanship from our certified plumber.

Tolli from CRK Plumbing has been our recommended plumber for the past four years. Being a licensed plumber you can be sure that works carried out are done to industry standards, and no short cuts are taken. Like ASC Water Tanks, our plumbers commitment to delivering your project on time is a point of difference. No waiting hours on end for the plumber to show up, and no cancelled visits. When we make you a promise, we deliver.

Whether you are just plumbing to a single garden tap, or wanting to connect your water tank to the toilet and laundry, the team at CRK Plumbing can make it a reality. We’ve tailored some installation packages for you.

Standard install no base required existing concrete all ready there and level

  • 1 down pipe connection within 3 meters
  • 1 Garden tap connection with in 1 meter from pump
  • Install pump on existing concrete

Cost $650

Standard install with supplying pavers for base for water tank to sit on 

  •  1 down pipe connection within 3 meters
  • 1 garden tap connection within 1 meter of garden tap
  • Treated pine sleep for pump to sit on and screw down

Cost $850

Second Garden Tap Can be discussed with Plumber onsite. Price Indication $150 To $200 on standard applications (pipe work to be clipped on house as low as possible)

Second down pipe can be discussed with Plumber on site price indication is between $150 To $200 on standard applications.

Connections to toilets can be done and also washing machine site inspection required when tank installation is being done .

All Work comes with 6 year Warranty 



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